Saturday, 8 January 2011

Welcome To The Critterverse...

Welcome to the new Critter Commandos blog. I've set this up (along with Rob and Rich) to help promote the wonderful miniatures game Critter Commandos.

If you don't know, Critter Commandos is a squad level sci-fi game set in a universe gone mad with the combatants modeled on cartoon animal characters and the damage their weapons cause isn't real! Damage caused blows holes (literally) in characters, but they return safe and sound next week...

A great introductory game to the hobby for kids and a lot of fun for grown-up kids, we hope this blog will encourage you to pick up a copy of the rules, buy a couple of squads of critters and let your inner child loose!


  1. How about a review of the rules, character generation, combat, etc.?

  2. Hi!

    I will try and write one up ASAP!

    Steve the link to the yahoo group isn't working!

    All the best!